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daphne t90

The most useful advances in the evolution of the single cut/two piece electric guitar is our understanding of what’s important to a build and what makes for a great feeling guitar.

Chunky necks- Mass matters. Support for your hand to pivot comfortable is a big deal, a chunky neck reduces hand stress and eliminates dead spots, so the guitar’s response is consistent up and across the neck. talkovich spec necks are “medium chunky” .870 at the first fret to .970 at the fourteenth fret, soft V profile with a twelve inch fingerboard radius, top adjust vintage style truss and one inch and three quarters wide at the nut w/ stretched string spacing.

Custom design, hand wound pickups- Every talkovich guitar has pickups hand wound by one man, David Budzinski. They are the quietest single coil pickups I’ve heard, David knows everything you do makes a difference. His pickups are soulful, dynamic, smooth in the top end, full in the mids with excellent clarity and articulation. The bigger signal does a nice thing when it hits a tube amp.

Thin finishes of nitrocellulose lacquer- My finishes are many thin coats of natural nitrocellulose lacquer, most of the time just one or two coats a day that has 50% or less humidity, I’ve found drying time between coats help me apply the minimum finish. I work with traditional colors with coats of clear lacquer over the color for depth and I show natural wood when ever I can, most of the t90s models are twotones with natural sides and back and a solid color top. I do thin satin lacquer finishes on pine and swamp ash, the Primitive models.


The original t90 was designed for Sean Costello as a light weight stage and recording guitar to cover his wide range of material.
Here’s Sean with his Shoreline Gold t90. RIP

Hand finishing, careful design with modern and old school features, with custom design pickups and exceptional playability. 

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