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I apprenticed and worked at Arrowhead Guitars in Duluth, Mn, a shop that specialized in six and twelve string acoustic guitars and repairs and restorations in the 1970s. I learned from two luthiers who had worked with long time builder Charles Hoffmann from Minneapolis. In the early 1990s I built custom "T" style guitars with phenolic and wood composite necks with one piece swamp ash bodies (a few with artwork engraving) working out of Greg Curbows shop in North Georgia (visit Early Guitars). Greg was an deeply talented designer, builder and a cranky perfectionist; a friend and inspiration to me. 

Years of gigging and a desire for something better compelled me to design the t90 model for late Blues Guitarist and friend, Sean Costello. It’s been a great joy to build instruments that inspire musicians. And that’s My Goal: build expressive instruments that feel organic and respond like an extension of your hands.

I gig weekly at the world famous Northside Tavern in Atlanta (voted one of the Top Ten Dive Bars in the USA). I’ve gotten to work with some great musicians and do weekly field testing w/ my designs. I also field test new model tube amps for my friend Richard Goodsell who builds some of the best guitar amps on the planet. 


Everyone is playing a talkovich guitar and V bass.

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